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Miva Synchro 1.75 Has Been Released

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    Miva Synchro 1.75 Has Been Released

    Version 1.75
    Bug # Description
    - 5851 Synchro helper : Retrieving payment information with encryption enabled now works.
    - 16589 Accented characters transferred to a Miva Merchant store using character set UTF-8 render correctly.
    - 18141 Synchro no longer crashes on the windows-1252 euro symbol.
    - 18892 Non-ASCII characters in customer names no longer generate invalid logins.
    - 20928 New QuickBooks field mappings:
    Customers, Invoices, Sales Orders, Sales Receipts:
    o Shipping Address: Note
    o Shipping Address: Line 5
    o Billing Address: Note
    o Billing Address: Line 5

    Inventory Items, Non-Inventory Items, Inventory Assembly Items:
    o Manufacturer Part Number
    - 21300 Availability and Price Groups from Merchant stores using UTF-8 encoding and accented characters now appear correctly in QB.
    - 21330 Connector module now has a description that is displayed in the Utility Settings ==> Add/Remove Module interface, and other places.
    - 21424 In-line editing of products and customers now correctly flags product or customer for synchronization.
    Module API version has been updated to 9.03, and appropriate functions implemented.
    - 21477 Synchronizing deleted products and customers now marks them as inactive in QuickBooks.

    "Accented characters" are Windows-1252 characters between 192 and 255 (0xC0 and 0xFF), and they are mapped to UTF-8 characters between U++00C0 and U+00FF. Characters between 128 and 191 are displayed as-is in Synchro, and replaced with the interrobang symbol (U+203D) in Miva Merchant. UTF-8 characters above U+00FF are replaced with a question mark in Synchro.

    Rick Wilson
    Miva, Inc.
    [email protected]