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Miva 10.01.03 is Now Available

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    Miva 10.01.03 is Now Available

    Miva 10.01.03 is now available.

    Feature List:
    Release Notes:

    Miva Merchant 10.01.03 Release Notes

    New Features & Improvements
    Google Shopping Update
    • Google Shopping integration has been updated to the latest v2.1 APIs. Google is sunsetting the previous API version (v2.0) on September 30, 2021
    • Google Shopping GTIN field is now exposed as a custom field
    FedEx Tracking URL has been updated to latest version
    XML Provisioning Tag Image_Add now supports an "encoding" attribute for "base64" to allow you to create an image on the server by sending it as a base64 encoded value
    Bugs Fixed
    Bug ID Component Description
    MM-11146 Administrative Interface Universal search, Enter key no longer opens the highlighted item.
    MM-11115 Administrative Interface MMTextArea is setting the wrong classname on calculator element
    MM-11105 Administrative Interface Fedex tracking URL has changed.
    MM-11129 Administrative Interface Manage Quotes status is cut off on the customer dashboard
    MM-11125 Core JSON Product URI list loads inefficiently
    MM-11132 Gift Certificates Fatal error during checkout out with a gift certificate product on mysql strict.
    MM-9914 Module: marketplaces Google shopping API 2.0 end of life.
    MM-11131 Module: marketplaces Marketplaces quicklink is not displayed for non-admin users
    MM-11113 Module: marketplaces Marketplaces: Google Shopping: Item ID should be a readonly custom field
    MM-11108 Module: marketplaces GTIN should be exposed as a custom field
    MM-11111 Provisioning Add ability to deploy an image through provisioning
    Important: If you are currently using Miva's Google Shopping Integration under Marketplaces (Not as a custom Feed of products) you will need to install 10.01.03 ahead of the 9/30 deadline to avoid any disruption in your Google Shopping integration.

    Brennan Heyde
    VP Product
    Miva, Inc.
    [email protected]