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Miva 10.02.00 is Now Available

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    Miva 10.02.00 is Now Available

    Miva 10.02.00 is now available.

    Feature List:
    Release Notes:

    Miva Merchant 10.02.00 Release Notes

    New Features & Improvements
    New Recalculate Tax Button in Order Processing
    • Previously Tax was always recalculated when shipping was recalculated
    • Now there is a dedicated button on the order detail screen which allows you force tax to be recalculate independently
    • This allows you to manually change shipping or other charges then have those updates be reflected in the new tax amount
    TaxJar Improvements
    • Empty transactions with no items or shipping charges are no longer created in TaxJar
    • Refund Transactions now use the date of the refund vs the original order date
    • If Tax on Shipping is not returned, we now fall back to the use the total tax on the order
    New Setting To Clear Shipping Charges on Cancelled Orders
    • New Setting under Marketing -> Settings -> Discount Options
    • Allows you to automatically remove shipping & handling charges from the order when all items in the order are cancelled
    Payment Module Updates
    • Cybersource now uses the fraud response (ACCEPT, REJECT, ERROR) to determine if an order in Miva is created or not
    • & Chase Paymentech modules now correctly display the card type used on Invoice and in confirmation emails
    MivaPay Guardian
    • For sites using MivaPay, we now detect and log possible nefarious configurations during checkout
    • Examples include a delay in the MivaPay iframe loading, incorrect iframe dimensions, iframe moved off screen or something overlaid on top of the iframe
    • These actions will be logged for further review
    Bugs Fixed
    Bug ID Component Description
    MM-11198 Administrative Interface Clear shipping when an order is entirely cancelled
    MM-11150 Administrative Interface Add a Recalculate Tax button to Order Processing
    MM-11172 Administrative Interface MMSelect menu causes a JS error when closed within an iFrame
    MM-11162 Administrative Interface JS error when clicking on the ‚shop as customer‚ button while in JS separate mode.
    MM-10388 Administrative Interface Fatal Error during login if two factor authentication is disabled during the login process.
    MM-11160 Core JSON Remove unnecessary join to sNN_Images in product lists
    MM-11173 Core Runtime Order history no longer functions correctly when searching for orders that contain a ZIP+4 postal code
    MM-11178 Database Layer Basket_Dirty fails to reset tax on items / charges
    MM-10326 Module: applepay Long Store Names will cause Apple Pay to fail
    MM-10954 Module: authnet PaymentModule_Report_Description should return similar data to PaymentModule_Payment_Description
    MM-10766 Module: authnet Authorize.Net: Admin payment card authorization does not save the payment card's first / last name values
    MM-10971 Module: authnet Authorize.Net: Admin payment card authorization does not save the payment card's first / last name values
    MM-10955 Module: chasepaytech PaymentModule_Report_Description should return similar data to PaymentModule_Payment_Description
    MM-10816 Module: cod COD Charge reduces Sub Total when authorizing in Admin
    MM-11159 Module: customfields Custom Fields module should cache field loading when setting values
    MM-11071 Module: cybersource Cybersource module ignores any fraud responses returned from the gateway
    MM-11174 Module: devat European VAT: JavaScript error in JS Separate mode when viewing the order tab
    MM-11168 Module: devat European VAT: DEVAT_Country_Delete should be using DB_Compare_UPPER
    MM-10973 Module: devat DEVAT_VAT_ID behavior is lost if tax is recalculated in admin
    MM-11138 Module: orderworkflow Attempting to add an existing order to a Workflow queue causes an SQL error
    MM-11066 Module: paypalcp Selecting CAD currency in admin causes the runtime call to PayPal to fail when clicking the PayPal Button
    MM-10974 Module: shoptax ShopTax_Select behavior is lost if tax is recalculated in admin
    MM-10786 Module: square Square: Payment Type outputs an empty value after an Authorization
    MM-11156 Module: stdschtasks Import scheduled task unnecessarily suspends and resumes every 60 seconds
    MM-11152 Module: taxjar TaxJar: When an order does not include items in the tax calculation, shipping charge-level tax is not recorded
    MM-11155 Module: taxjar Avoid creation of empty TaxJar orders
    MM-11154 Module: taxjar Refund Transaction sends date of original order not date of refund transaction
    MM-11170 Patches Patch needs to update the domain level Fedex tracking link URL.
    MM-11153 Payment Detect and log insecure configurations/potentially nefarious operations on the OPAY page
    MM-11164 Price Groups Price Group Add/Edit Dialog: Changing Type from a valid selection back to "Select One" causes an SQL error
    MM-11157 Universal Search Cache Configuration result is not returned in Universal Search
    MM-11151 URI Management Product/Page/Category/Feed URI lists load inefficiently
    MM-11165 Utility Library Add runtime URL to all admin/runtime log action functions
    Brennan Heyde
    VP Product
    Miva, Inc.
    [email protected]