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Inventory issues. Import Data issues

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    Inventory issues. Import Data issues

    Looking to hire someone to update our inventory once a week or teach our current data people how to do this!

    Our product line is very attribute/option heavy & we have not found anyone that can efficiently update our inventory for us on a weekly basis.

    We are willing to purchase any modules needed.

    In short, almost all our products have different color & size options. For some reason our data entry people that have no problems sending datafeed updates to all other services, cannot seem to get the Miva website inventory data updated!

    If someone can work with our data people (in India either via phone, email or Skype) and either customize a module or just TEACH THEM how to use current available modules so that we can easily upload our data weekly, we are willing to pay for this service!

    Every time they attempt to either upload inventory they seem to corrupt the data.

    If someone locally wants to upload the data weekly (instead of training the Indians) and get paid a weekly fee, that is also a viable option for us!

    We are kinda desperate!

    Re: Inventory issues. Import Data issues

    What exactly are you updating each week. Can you give some typical examples.
    Richard Waters
    [email protected]
    Tel: 541-943-3268