Our company - Orange Marmalade, Inc. - will be hiring in the near future. We are a startup located in Daytona Beach, Fl and we are building Miva Script based products for the e-commerce and small office market.

We will be seeking all levels of expertise (entry level to expert). Employees (local preferred, remote ok) as well as possible contract work.

We presently use: Miva Script, HTML 5, Javascript, MySQL, AWS, redis, php.

We will be seeking coders, customer service, AWS architecture and security, and more. Rates and benefits (stock options included) are being developed.

If you are at all interested please reach out to me via pm. We are seeking to develop a contact list that we can reach out to as soon as we have the green light on this side.

- Miva Script experience jumps to top. Add in E-Commerce store experience (selling) and you are at the pinnacle.
- But we will be needing all levels and will train the right people.
- Part time and Full Time.
- If you know anyone that may be interested, please forward this.