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Complete Installation of Shadow Template and Update Website

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    Complete Installation of Shadow Template and Update Website

    I am seeking a website development professional for an immediate project, but also continuing with an ongoing relationship to get and to keep my website up-to-date.
    My current situation is that I have invested thousands of dollars, working with several developers, over the 15+ years that I have maintained a Miva Website, and the result is a terribly outdated website.
    Based on my bad experiences of the past, what I have determined is I need a developer who introduces themselves with a resume and references to projects that exemplify their work. Suffice it to say that no one I have dealt with in the past would show my website as an example of their work.
    Second phase is the work to be done. I can read a menu, but I would not be able to write one. I need a person, or firm, that can give a description of the work to be performed, and of course a budget.
    At the conclusion of the project, I would expect to have an up-to-date website, with all the new features offered by Miva, and notes on what has been done. A shortcoming of my current situation is that I have a website with fixes and modules and who knows what all, installed over the decade plus, and I do not have a note-one on what they are or who put them in place. What do these modules do and do I still need them? This is the fault of my management of the projects, but I hope to have learned from my experience and I look forward to finding a developer who addresses my expectations and can bring me out of the dark ages.
    Bob MacLachlan
    Internet Hobby Supply, Inc
    [email protected]


    I'd HIGHLY recommend making sure the rebuild is done using the new new Shadows with Page Builder shipping in a couple days, it'll make long term maintenance much easier/cheaper and should also cause the initial build to be far more affordable.

    Rick Wilson
    Miva, Inc.
    [email protected]