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    New Forum - Beginners Support Group

    Every year at the Miva Merchant Conference we witness a recurring theme, many of our clients are long standing successful ecommerce store owners and are attending the conference to super charge their business, network, see old friends and more.

    Then there's always a second group of attendees who are Beginners either to Miva Merchant, Ecommerce or both. These two groups tend to have very different wants, needs and desires.

    Properly serving the needs of both groups of clients has always been a guiding principal for management here and in following that ideal we've started a new Forum specifically designed for Beginners to come in and ask any question they need asked, about Miva Merchant, Ecommerce in general or anything in between.

    This will be a great opportunity for our seasoned and successful merchants, developers and partners to chime in and assist with best practices, practical advice and help welcome people to the Miva Merchant community.
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    Rick Wilson
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    Re: New Forum - Beginners Support Group

    And for those who are new here...and hopefully smart enough to read this before yourself get faster more accurate assistance by:

    1) Providing a URL to the page(s) that demonstrates your problem or facsimile.

    2) Be complete. We can't see what you are looking at, so saying "At the top of the page" is rather meaningless.

    3) The time you take to completely describe the issue you are seeing will be rewarded by a more timely and accurate response, instead of just a list of questions.

    4) Try to request what you want as a result; not how to finish what you have started. For example, you may be asking how to make your ladder stronger, when the result you want is to get to the second floor, to which the correct reply is "take the elevator".
    Bruce Golub
    Phosphor Media - "Your Success is our Business"

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