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    Import Category product sort order


    Sorry I've searched and can't find an answer to this.

    Is it possible to do a import to set the sort order of the products in a category.

    We've got categories with 100+ product in so doing it manually takes a long time.

    Facewest- UK Adventure sports Equipment


    Sorting of products on category pages is controlled under:
    CTGY > Category Product List Layout > Default Sort Method

    If you have this set to default, then the imported data will be in import order unless you do another sort to it.

    Its usually pretty straightforward,

    If you don't feel comfortable with this, you can create a support ticket and then PM me the ticket #.
    I can log into your store and see how I can help.


    Doug S
    Support Engineer


      Thanks Doug,

      The products already exist in Miva.

      I have set the CTGY page to be in default sort method.

      The default sort order of a category is set by age of the import (Newest at top)

      But I want my own preferred order. Based on various criteria I can get this is a CSV file with SKU,Sort Number

      But I'm not sure I can import this.

      Manually going into the category view and reordering 130 products will take ages. And that's just 1 of around 100 categories we have.

      just wondering if there is a better way of doing this.


      Facewest- UK Adventure sports Equipment