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Passing order values - variables to third party via a script

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    Passing order values - variables to third party via a script

    Hello I am using these variables to (hopefully) populate and pass the order #, customer email, and item code(s) to a 3rd party via a Javascript. They say the variables are coming through as undefined on their side. Would these be the correct variables for this?


    These are all processed on the INVC page in Miva.

    Thank you,
    Sean Harrell
    Southland Trade Corp.

    I would expect the first two variables to contain valid data on the INVC page. But :product:code won't, because an order can contain more than one product. There's an array, :order:items, and each :item has its own value for :code.

    Have you looked at the generated HTML? You can place a test order, and then look at the HTML source for the INVC page. (Make sure you view the actual source, and not a fresh copy that's downloaded from the server, and contains an "order already processed" error message.) You should be able to look at your Javascript, and see what values the mvt: variables have generated.
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