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    Redis and Transients by Tess

    I was wondering if it is okay to use both Redis and Transients by Tess together.

    We use the Transients Module now for several bits of SMT code in the global header (lots of if statements), our main navigation set and several areas in the CTGY page templates (again lots of if statements).

    These bits of code are things that do not change often. Maybe a couple times a year.


    Yes, it is possible to use Redis and Transients together.

    They do not have any inherent technical conflicts with each other or replace the need for each other. Redis is great at handling bursts of traffic, and Transients is great for improving load-times in general traffic. You just need to keep in mind how their caches will expire and behave together to ensure it works for your needs. It sounds like it will not be an issue for your navigation sets and other infrequently changing elements. Just be sure you're not caching session-specific information or expecting the functionality to run on every server-side page-load.

    Most sites with decent < 500ms Time-to-First-Bytes (TTFB) Redis by itself will suffice. However, if you have the time to add Transients, then using Transients with Redis is great for decreasing the TTFB when the Redis cache will not be active (ex. logged in customers, items in baskets, etc.).

    One main thing to remember is that if you need to push an update out quickly, delete the Transient, then purge the Redis cache, and the next page view will re-create your Transient & Redis caches.
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      Awesome, that is great and useful information.

      Not caching session-specific information so it sounds like everything will be okay.

      I've already become quite used to deleting transients when pushing updates so adding flushing the redis cache to the mix won't be hard.

      ​​​​​​​Thank you SteveoSoule


        Great, you're welcome SidFeyDesigns. Happy to help.