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Inventory counts in saved basket vs. synced inventory count

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    Inventory counts in saved basket vs. synced inventory count

    We run a separate system from MIVA for in-store sales and conduct daily CSV sync. This is working perfectly.

    We just had an incident with inventory counts not matching between store system and MIVA - in spite of daily morning sync.

    On Wednesday we had 12 products in system (confirmed from sync logs and staff memory
    On Thursday 6 products were sold from STORE system after inventory sync was run - MIVA still showing 12 available
    On Friday 6 products synced to MIVA - MIVA now showing 6 available
    On Saturday customer placed order for 8 products and MIVA accepted order

    How is this possible? I ran a test on another low-stock product and MIVA functions perfectly and does not allow me to add to basket if I exceed inventory count.

    The only idea I came up with is that the "you left something in your basket" reminder email (which is scheduled to go out 4 hours after customer abandons a basket with items) led back to a basket still showing 8 products?

    Am I missing something in settings that would force an inventory sync/basket update if customer uses linked email to return to the store?

    Thanks for help.
    Katie Sorensen
    Design Quest Furniture

    If someone has it in there basket while you're updating and then lets the basket expire/get deleted those will get added to your inventory.
    So if I add 6 you do your import making it 12 again when my basket is deleted your inventory will show 18. (we unfortunately share this same problem with 500k sku's but during the import I try and keep track of what's going on with basket while the update happens)
    Mark Hood
    Vermont Gear


      Oh dear. That sounds like a bit of a recipe for error. And it makes perfect sense. I vaguely think I saw someone else with two of the same product in their basket. I was unable to sync inventory on Saturday because of unrelated external VPN issues.

      I will try to review basket contents before a sync from now on. At this point, it is not a large number and doable to make a note to keep an eye on basket/inventory counts.

      Thank you for your explanation.
      Katie Sorensen
      Design Quest Furniture


        You can also look at changing how inventory is deducted. The default behavior is when the item has been added to the basket but you can change it to deduct at checkout.

        Snippet from our docs:
        When you select "At Checkout," what happens is, when a customer adds an item to the cart, it isn't removed from inventory until they actually check out and purchase the item, essentially, at the invoice page. This is a nice feature for stores who have low stock or one of a kind items. It allows multiple customers to add an item to their cart without affecting inventory counts.

        When Inventory is Unavailable at Checkout:
        There is still a check to validate whether or not there is inventory available for the customers purchase during the checkout process. This check happens when the customer submits their customer information (Bill To / Ship To). If there isn't enough items to fulfill the order it will redirect you back to a specific page. You can select which page you want them to be redirected to by clicking the drop down menu under "When Inventory is Unavailable at Checkout."

        Link to docs -
        Wayne Smith


          wow. Thank you, wsmith. Missed this comment a month ago. That is perfect solution.
          Katie Sorensen
          Design Quest Furniture