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Price Group - Volume Pricing - What template variables are available?

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    Price Group - Volume Pricing - What template variables are available?

    I believe I may need to recalculate the prices in the volume pricing template manually when an additional discount is applied because it does not seem to work natively.

    Does anyone know what variables are available in the volume pricing template for entry? When I use "Token List", it does not show any variables from this template.

    You may want to check the Price Groups in play for exclusivity and allowability settings first.

    Second, if you are looking for Tokens, make sure you have your browser open on a the specific page in question (i.e., product) with that specific Price Group(s) in play. For example, if you need to be logged in has a specific customer then do so. If volume, make sure you have enough in the basket to qualify.
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      Thanks for the reply Bruce.

      I ended up creating each price group into the volume pricing type. This works a lot better versus trying to combine discounts of multiple price groups.