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Paypal javascripts and the Head Tag mvt item

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    Paypal javascripts and the Head Tag mvt item

    Hi all,

    I'm adding Paypal Commerce Platform to one of the sites I manage, and this site doesn't happen to use the built-in Head Tag item. As a result, whatever javascripts are required by Paypal aren't being included on the checkout pages, since those scripts seem to be added along with Miva's javascripts as a sort of side-effect of including the Head Tag item.

    Is there a way to include Miva's javascripts separately, without including the Head Tag item? Or better yet, just include the Paypal scripts? This site doesn't make use of any other Miva javascripts, so including them is unnecessary.

    Are you implementing PayPal Commerce Platform for Express Checkout or just the ability to accept credit cards during checkout? If the later, all the JS you need should get output with this tag on OPAY. Is that tag present on the page:

    <mvt:item name="payment" />

    Brennan Heyde
    VP Product
    Miva, Inc.
    [email protected]


      Hi Brennan,

      we're setting up the full commerce platform, with the main idea being that customers can use it for checkout under their paypal account, or to use paypal credit etc. Normal credit card payment is using

      I found the line that includes Paypal's scripts and added it manually like so:

      script type="text/javascript" src="/mm5/clientside.mvc?Module_Code=paypalcp&Filename=runtime.js" async defer
      I removed the `T=` parameter and a couple other things. So far this seems to be working on the BASK page, I'm going to proceed through checkout and see how things go.

      Would you say that's a good workaround?