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    When adding a new record in the control panel, it can take up to 15-20 minutes to be visible internet-wide.

    The control panel changes will not publish for domains that are using the legacy Hostasaurus name servers though, i.e. 2009 or earlier. If you contact support they can get the changes made for you, however they'll also advise you to switch to the Miva name servers that we've used from about 2009 forward. Just keep in mind to not make the name server change before TAC confirms it is safe to do so, because what's in the control panel may not reflect what the old servers are serving given there is likely 10+ years difference in time between the systems.
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      Originally posted by Kent Multer View Post
      I just started this process: I signed up for the $4/mo. plan at Microsoft. But it's not letting me complete the setup. It tells me to create a TXT record with a specific value, "MS=(my ID number), which I did in my domain's control panel DNS Settings page. But then I clicked the Verify button at Microsoft, and it says it can't find the record. It found a different record, which starts with "v=spf1..."

      Am I supposed to delete that old record? There's another TXT record in there too. Do I also have to delete that one?

      I got the impression that this would be an easy process. The original form letter from Doug Steinig just gives a link to Microsoft. Can you provide more detailed instructions that will actually allow me to complete this process?
      Just completed everything a couple of days ago. Do a screenshot of the TXT and MX information and add it to the ticket Steinig created. This caused me an incredible amount of heartburn. Cory in support finished setting everything up. For some reason I can't login to the Exchange admin with the information Microsoft sent me but I can login with my email and password I created for it.

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        Thanks for the quick replies. I have contacted Support (ticket 233073), and I included a screen shot of my DNS Settings page.
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