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Save Cart without account: Trigger template based email

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    Save Cart without account: Trigger template based email

    I'm looking to see if i can emulate the old toolkit savebasket2email function using the built in abandoned basket template based email set up.

    What I am thinking is having a button on BASK "Save Cart to My Email".

    On click it opens a simple form asking for their first name and email with a button to submit.

    When submitted it would send the abandoned basket email with all their cart contents like normal as well as extending the basket timeout accrodingly.

    Then I could setup a chain of reminders in regards to the basket expiring.

    How can I trigger a template based email this way using smt code on page templates?

    It could be even more awesome by adding a dropdown with a couple options for how long to save the cart for that would overwrite the basket timeout settings. Ex: 1 day, 3 days, 1 week, etc. But for now I would be happy being able to do this with whatever we have the basket timeout set to for the abandoned basket emails.

    The ultimate goal is to allow users to save their cart without an account.

    Leveraging the abandoned basket emails just seemed the most efficient way to not have a large database of saved baskets.

    If there are better suggestions to get this done, I am open to any.


    I don't think its going to be feasible to tie into the abandoned basket email directly.

    How is what you're trying to accomplish different from just setting up the Abandoned basket email itself? Do you want the customer to click a button to opt in to the emails?

    Another alternative would be to leverage the browsers session storage to store the items in their basket. You could then have a "restore basket" link that re-adds the items to the basket. But this won't get you any email notifications, although the built in abandoned basket emails may give you what you want here as well.
    Brennan Heyde
    VP Product
    Miva, Inc.
    [email protected]


      Hi Brennan I had a feeling that might be the case.

      I'd like the customer to be able to "Save" their cart and be sent an email with a link they can click to reload it later without having an account. That way they don't have to submit the Bill To/Ship To form on OCST to trigger the Abandoned Basket emails (which we do already have set up).

      The particular items we sell that this would be helpful for are our Personalized Family Trees.

      There is a lot of info the customer has to gather when building their tree in the cart and sometimes they forget a name or birth date so they end up stopping and come back later to finish the tree.

      Problem is, if they go to a different device or sometimes even come back on the same device (depending on device/browser settings) their cart is gone.

      Just trying to help the customer save time and energy by giving them an option to manually "Save" their cart without having to start checkout.

      I think there may be something to work with by leveraging the session storage.

      Could possibly have a "Save Cart to My Email" link on BASK and when clicked, open a form with name and email. On submit store their cart items and send an email with the restore link. I could probably set up the form/email to work similarly to how the CTUS form/email works.

      It would probably have to be a plain text email with no cart summary but I feel it would still be helpful.

      Does this sound feasible?

      Miva Dream Feature:
      Perhaps there could be a new Save Basket Emails that functions similarly to the abandoned basket emails. Only instead of being triggered by inactivity, the email would be triggered by submitting a simple form with name and email. Subseqent basket expiration emails could then be set up on a keep basket alive basis similar to the abandoned basket email chains.

      So the Template Based Emails settings could be:

      Send When Basket is Saved:
      [] Name and Email form subittmed
      [] Saved Basket Email Sent More Than [ 4320 ] Minute(s) prior. (for basket expiration reminders. only selectable if a save basket email/form is set up)
      [] Keep Basket Alive for [ 1440 ] Minute(s)