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How does Miva discern "Max Use (Per Shopper)" with Respect to Coupon Codes?

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    How does Miva discern "Max Use (Per Shopper)" with Respect to Coupon Codes?

    All over the docs and other sources the "Max Use (Per Shopper)" value when creating a coupon code is defined as:

    Max Use Per Shopper: Unique times each shopper can use this coupon.

    This is all well and good but what are the parameters that Miva is looking for to determine if a 'shopper' has used the coupon or not?

    If a coupon is setup with an Eligibility of All Shoppers, the coupon should work for logged in customers and guests. So if this coupon is set to 1 for the Max Use (Per Shopper), when a coupon is applied does Miva:
    1) Check to see if that logged in customer has used the coupon on a previous order, If yes, then deny. If no, then accept.
    2) If checking out as a guest: if the email used matches a previously placed order using the coupon, deny else accept.

    This seems like the logical method but with all the docs stating the same generic 'explanation' as previously mentioned, I'd rather not bank on an assumption.

    For all I know, though a coupon is eligible to all customers, it won't work unless a user is logged in so Miva can track its usage.

    Any help or illumination on this issue would be much appreciated!

    Benjamin Smith - Developer

    I have found the correct Miva Doc that explains more in depth the individual aspects of Coupons and Price Groups. Coupons are tracked via the Billing email used for an order.

    This makes perfect sense! I must have been hitting every other doc that mentioned Max Use Per Shopper that did not go in depth the same way as the correct doc did.
    Benjamin Smith - Developer