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Anyone else having this Mailchimp issue?

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    Anyone else having this Mailchimp issue?

    While shopping for a customer, I started to notice on occasion during checkout that when signing up the customer to Mailchimp through our default checkout checkbox to subscribe, the browser would popup a notification "[email protected] is in a compliance state due to unsubscribe, bounce, or compliance review and cannot be subscribed." To continue the transaction you had to hit the Ok button and everything else worked fine. (See image below for the popup error.)

    This customer had previously been subscribed to our newsletter but later unsubscribed, every time they would checkout this popup appears. If they try to use the standard website newsletter signup form, they would receive the same popup error.

    So I contacted Mailchimp and they reported there was no way for the customer to resubscribe to our audience unless they filled out a specific Mailchimp hosted signup form. So the Mailchimp tech suggested I should delete the customer from our Mailchimp Audience. Excited to have a solution I deleted this customer along with another 22,000 or so former contacts that had unsubscribed over the many years we have used Mailchimp. Well this was a terrible idea, don't do it. Now when the customer tries to checkout they get a very similar popup error but this time, tells them they have been deleted!

    So as a last resort, I exported my Subscribed Mailchimp Contacts from the Audience then I created a new Audience in Mailchimp and imported the contacts as subscribed. So now this audience has 0 unsubscribed contacts in it. In Miva, since you cannot change the Audience after initial setup, I had to uninstall the Mailchimp module and reinstall the Mailchimp module. I connected the module to the new audience and it resolved the issue. Now customers who had unsubscribed in the past either can resubscribe or checkout without this popup error, at least until they unsubscribe again...and eventually the amount of unsubscribed contacts getting this error again will require another purge and another new audience.

    We have 3 Miva Stores and all three stores have this issue. This leads me to believe this issue affects all Miva stores that use Mailchimp but I need your help to test your store and report if you also have this issue. It is very easy to test. Find a customers email in your Mailchimp Audience that has unsubscribed, go to your website and try to sign them up via your newsletter signup form. Did you get this error? Is your signup form a Mailchimp hosted signup form. Unless you happen to shop for a customer who is unsubscribed, this error that may be affecting your store is not obvious.