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Question on attributes and SKU's

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    Question on attributes and SKU's

    Is there a way for one of the attribute choices to be the actual product?
    Currently we have to do product Widget with attributes S,L which create child items (sku's) Widget-S, Widget-L
    But is there a way to have product Widget with attributes S,L where S points to the actual product, instead of a child item, and L points to child item Widget-L

    A real-life scenario on this is when we have had a product for a long time and at some point a variant is added.
    Sku Widget exists in our inventory system with a long history.
    We now have to create new sku's (Widget-S and Widget-L) instead of just adding the one variant sku (widget-L)

    Yes this should be possible.

    When you generate variants, each size/color combination gets mapped to a part product. This part product is used to control the SKU, price, etc for the size/color selected. normally when you generate variants, Miva will automatically create these non-active part products for you. So in your case you can go into the Large variant and remove the part product that is there and add in the master product as the part product.

    This will cause it so that when that size is selected it will use the master product for pricing, inventory and SKU.

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    Brennan Heyde
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