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Hero Image LCP Issue

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    Hero Image LCP Issue

    I'm working to track down and fix a number of Core Web Vitals issues with a PageBuilder SFNT page here. The Google Search Console is reporting a Group CLS of 0.35 (Poor). The PageSpeed Insights seems to be more concerned with the Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) element. When I view the mobile version of the page I see something odd (and PageSpeed Insights notices it too). One image "jumps" in and then the correct size displays:
    PageSpeed Insights shows that the issue is with the full-size image. Why would the full-size image even be an issue if a Mobile Image and a Tablet Image are both being used?
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    lesliekirk We have filed a problem report for this issue and looking into way it can be solved. Once we have a solution I will make sure to post the solution here.
    Nicholas Adkins
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