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PA-DSS compliant?

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    Re: PA-DSS compliant?

    Originally posted by lvalesko View Post
    If some people are not switching then aren't they worried about not being PA-DSS compliant??
    I think there are still a lot of people out there who don't know what's going on with this. As far as Miva Merchant store owners are concerned, I think Miva Merchant is doing everything they can to make them aware.

    I had told a store owner months ago about the changes that would have to be made, updated their store Wombat, got everything set up and just the other day they sent me a screenshot of the admin message "Important and Critical Update For All 5.5 Storeowners" along with the PDF I was happy to remind them that they were "good".

    Back to your question - some store owners are opting to use payment methods like PayPal that take the customer offsite to make the payment. That puts all the PCI stuff into PayPal's hands.

    But keep in mind that PA-DSS is a component of PCI Compliance. When you answer all the questions for your PCI Compliance, you'll recognize that some of the questions relate to how your store is configured - the same items that are in the PA-DSS Checklist.
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