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    Shipping configuration

    I added a temporary flat rate shipping price to accomodate a single customer who needed overnight delivery. It of course, now shows up first in the drop down and will surely confuse most customers. I can't remove it because it is "in use by one or more orders". Does the order have to be deleted in order to unassign the flat rate module? I don't want to delete the order until processing is complete. I actually wouldn't have a problem leaving the option there as long as it's not on top. Thanks for any help you can provide.

    Re: Shipping configuration

    What you need to do is deactivate the module at the GLOBAL level, meaning go into your admin and Click on the blue arrow next to Modules. Then scroll down to the flat rate module that you set up, click on its name, and then un-check the active button.

    Hope this helps.
    Mark Romero