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cant pack store - Miva 4.2

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    cant pack store - Miva 4.2


    I was doing a product import and I stopped it because I accidentally checked the "create new products" box. I tried to redo the import and a lot of error messages came up. After that I tried packing the store and I got this error.

    Miva Merchant has encountered a fatal error and is unable to continue. The following information may assist you in determining the cause of the error:

    Error Code: OUI-PKST-00001
    Description: Unable to pack 'OUI_Products2' [Index 'ouiprds2.mvx00000001' was created with the UNIQUE flag and the key '123778' already exists in the index file]

    Please help.


    Re: cant pack store - Miva 4.2

    Been there - you need to edit out the duplicates using a DBF editor.

    I've used earlier versions of this software:

    But - it's been a while and I haven't used the current version they offer.

    You can download the offending file and edit it then upload it and try packing again.

    Chances are you'll have other index problems and may have to edit a few files to get it acting right again.

    However, I can't stress enough that you should have some idea what editing DBF tables and indexes means - like read the instructions that come with the editing software and maybe bone up on DBF basics. You can really muck things up editing willy-nilly.

    It will solve the problem if done right.

    However, you may be better off restoring your store files from your last good backup and starting the product import over. That isn't always an option, though ...