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    Re: Abandoned SHopping Cats

    It's more complex than that, but yes in it's simplest form, when someone leaves your site it makes them some sort of special offer, either a discount or free shipping or what not.

    What makes it unique is the special offers are calculated on the fly based on buyer behavior on your site and they provide very detailed analytics to show total abandoned carts, how many got an offer (you set those parameters) and what the recapture rate is. In addition they notice that it also seems to increase sales by a group who come back within the hour and buy at full price.

    They seem to be increasing bottom line profit between 20 - 50% on the stores they're running on.

    Rick Wilson
    Miva, Inc.
    [email protected]


      Re: Abandoned SHopping Cats

      Thank You, Rick!

      Mark Romero


        Re: Abandoned SHopping Cats

        NetBlazon is pleased to present to the general Miva Merchant community, our latest solution for the MM55 platform -- the Click 2 Customer Product Suite. If you've been exploring whether onsite rescues and shopping cart abandonment recovery solutions might help your store conversions, or you're interested in learning how you can personalize the site experience for each of your visitors without breaking your bank account, please consider attending one of our upcoming webinars. In this webinar, we're going to cover the Top 5 solutions you should be considering for this holiday season and will show how C2C can help not only in these areas, but in a variety of other ways to turn your click-through visitors into paying customers.

        October 7th, 1-2:30pm ET

        October 14th, 1-2:30pm ET

        With C2C, you can create a 100% purely customized store experience for your target audience, you can use our lifecycle analytics package to truly know who your visitors are, what they are looking at and most importantly how you can best market to them. Site Personalization, Targeted Recommendations, Perpetual Cart, Express Re-orders, Shopping Cart Abandonment Rescues, Email Marketing and much more are integrated into the C2C Product solution and it's 100% integrated with the MM55 platform, so C2C can take advantage of any Miva Merchant store event to make your store more inviting to the shoppers.

        The C2C solution redefines how you can manage your Miva store more effectively to turn clicks into actual customers. Additionally, during the webinar, we will be giving away a variety of free setups of the C2C solution, including one free year's worth of our Enterprise package (a value of over $6000).

        So, this is REALLY not something you'll want to miss. If you're a Miva site implementer, you'll want to see what the product suite can do for your clients, and if you're a retailer, you're not going to want to miss learning about the one thing that can make the biggest overall difference in your store's success this year.

        If you only make one change to your store this year, make the right choice. Make it Click-2-Customer.
        Susan Petracco



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          Re: Abandoned SHopping Cats

          Hello forum: Hope this is not off-topic too much.
          I thought the idea raised in this thread was a good one and maybe we should consided it ourselves, so decided to look at our databases.

          We are hosted by Hostasdaurus. A query of table s01_Basket on our site shows 64627 rows. A query for rows where cust_id != 0 returns 22 rows. This raises some questions for me regarding this table and the possibility of contacting shoppers with abandoned baskets:
          1. What data does the table maintain?
          2. It appears almost no one is registering on our site. How can that be changed?
          3. Should we be purging the rows from this (and our other tables) on a regular basis?
          4. Is this the correct table to find abandoned carts?

          Thanks, Larry
          Luce Kanun Web Design


            Re: Abandoned SHopping Cats

            1) The basket table contains the basket ID and customer info if they got as far as checkout (need not create an account). Related tables such as basketitems, basketoptions, and basketcharges contain specific data like products and attributes, shipping selection, discounts or coupons redeemed, etc.
            2) Let them know the benefits of registering, e.g. do you use price groups, give coupons, etc.
            3) You should delete expired baskets (from admin manually or using a module automatically) at least daily. Accessing and doing a lookup in a table with 64627 rows every time a page is displayed takes processing power.
            4) Yes.

            You can use a module like Restock Shelves to automatically delete the expired baskets at a regular frequency, e.g. every two hours. It also gives you a report of abandoned baskets vs sales for any time period. And in response to what you were thinking above, the report will contain the names and products in the basket for those who abandoned and got as far as checkout to fill in their names. When you update your store to Merchant 5x, the Restock Shelves module can even send those customers an email automatically in which you can try to recapture the sale. It can be used in conjunction with a coupon module in 5x. See for more details.
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            Bill Weiland - Emporium Plus
            Online Documentation


              Re: Abandoned SHopping Cats

              Hi Bill: Thanks for your response.
              I was astonished when I saw that we had 64,000 plus rows in our Basket table. I've purged it via the Admin process and intend to do this on a regular basis in the future.

              Thanks again, Larry
              Luce Kanun Web Design