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  • Attribute Code Rollup

    We are working with a store that has 2000 products, and each product has 4 - 5 "attributes" of Box Qty; so Individual Piece, Box of 10, Box of 50 ,etc.

    Each of those are loaded to Miva using PARENTPRODUCTxBOXQTY So Thing1x10 for a box of 10.

    That causes Miva to create a parent entry on Order Entry with and also the attribute code and qty. When we load this into our ERP system, it breaks because it's seeing the parent product code of Thing1 then an attribute / option of Thing1x10 as a sub-line item.

    Is there a way to "rollup" the selected attribute so that it replaces the parent code on the order, so you would see Thing1x10 as the "parent"?

    Hopefully this makes sense the way I'm explaining it.

  • I think you might be looking for this
    Mark Hood
    Vermont Gear


    • That was EXACTLY what we needed. Thanks!!


      • So I see where it provides the &mvt:item:master_code; as the new way to display the master_code that was rolled up. How do I make this accessible on special pages? For example, we have an export tool that sends the orders to our shipping software and it was using &mvte:item:code; and I tried to just replace that with the &mvt:item:master_code; but alas, it didn't pass anything then.


        • For example, in the attached file the BoxQty: x500 part number is what I need to be the main variable passed to our ERP system. When I leave the &mvte:item:code, it passes the parent which is what I see in the admin screen as well.


          • I think I figured it out, I was using the wrong setting in the module, and also was trying to use the code to replace the SKU in the backend and it's only for the URL in the BASK. I believe all is working!



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