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    Add Custom Fields To Basket Contents

    I am trying to add a custom field i.e. Case Quantity to my basket contents page. Using base ready theme. Is this the correct code to call the custom field of the product?

    &mvt:product:customfield_values:customfields:QT Y;

    Sort of:

    IF, the custom field code is QTY.

    AND IF

    1) you're using this in the Product Template (or a 'product' template that as the Custom Field selection below it)
    2) the custom field you are using is assigned in the Custom Field selection boxes.

    Otherwise, you have to use an SMT function to get the value.

    <mvt:item name="customfields" param="Read_Product_ID( l.settings:xxxx:id, 'QTY'," />

    where l.settings:xxxx:id is the id of the product. If you are in a standard 'products' loop that would be l.settings:product:id. If, say in the basket, it would be l.settings:group:id, if in orders, l.settings:items:id, etc. would then contain the value of the custom field and expressed as &mvt:global:my:custom:qty;

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