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Price Groups and Google Shopping

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    Price Groups and Google Shopping

    Has anything been done to correct the issue where Google Shopping marketplaces integration fails to send the correct price when a product is being discounted by a price group?

    This makes the Google gods very unhappy when they crawl the site and report price mismatch between the feed and live site.

    There is a Sale Price field you can use in the Google Shopping Product setting, but currently it has no tie into Price Groups. It would require a manual change / import.

    Can you give me some context on how often your prices are changing because of price groups? Are these promotional sales which discount the price which start and stop or something else entirely, Also it is typically a single price group or multiple applied to get the discount.
    Brennan Heyde
    VP Product
    Miva, Inc.
    [email protected]


      Most of the items being discounted are in our sale categories, these tend to stay put if they are just things we are trying to close out. Other times though regular items get discounted for a promotion or email marketing campaign.

      A single price group is normally used, there may be a few exceptions but this could be changed.

      We could maintain the prices with your suggestion of the SALE field in Google Shopping Product setting but this would be tedious. It's a percentage discount so we would have to look at the item on the site to see the actual price and then enter that in the sale field ...... and then remember to remove the sale price later.

      Our current thinking is to use feed management to create a Google Shopping CSV and run a scheduled task to calculate discounts before the feed is generated. We would much rather use the Marketplace Integration if you have any ideas.