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Something changed in the T-Hub to Quickbooks POS download

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    Something changed in the T-Hub to Quickbooks POS download

    Something has recently changed in the download from Miva into T-Hub, then to Quickbooks POS and into Quickbook Ledger. I'm not sure at this point which application has changed

    The process the store owner uses:

    Miva Order
    Quickbooks POS
    QB POS to Quickbooks General Ledger

    The error being generated is
    QuickBooks found an error when parsing the provided XML text stream.
    it looks like the error is being generated by the Attributes. They seem to appear as part of the Item Description and are showing up as (for example)
    ship_less = ship_less_yes

    ship_less is the Attribute Code
    ship_less_yes is a Prompt Code

    This change could be coming from Miva, T-Hub or Quickbooks POS. I am also trying to verify that Attributes of this nature were in place before the site updated to Shadows 2.0. (Yes, I know a look and feel update should not impact an export).


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