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Marketplaces is a Miva module that allows you to take existing products in your Miva Merchant store and list them on to multiple channels, such as eBay and Amazon.

Our Marketplaces integration allows Miva Merchant to become the central hub for product data, inventory and order management across multiple online sales channels, allowing you to spend less time managing multiple systems and more time selling your products.

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Installing Miva Merchant Marketplaces

This video walks through the steps of installing and configuring the module.

Creating eBay Listings With Marketplaces

This video shows you how to configure an existing product in your Miva Merchant store as an auction or fixed price listing in your eBay account.

Marketplaces: Managing eBay Listings & Orders

Once you have products listed onto eBay using the Marketplaces module, you can track the status of your listings, bids, and orders right from the Miva Merchant admin. Here's how.

    • 1.0005
    • 1.0004
    • 1.0003
    • 1.0002
    • 1.0001 - Initial Release

Let our experienced Miva Merchant Web Developers install and configure the Marketplaces module for your Miva Merchant store.

Professional Installation Service Includes:

  • Business Rules discovery call
  • Module installation
  • Configuration of eBay Account to your Miva Merchant Store
  • 1hr screenshare training call

Price: $499

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Marketplaces v1.0005 Release Notes

Bug Fixes

  • Sending endicia is converted to USPS so amazon will accept it
  • MM9: History/Bookmark navigation to eBay and Amazon work correctly
  • eBay/Amazon Order Import now calls Order_Update_Status which allows the create shipment button to be seen on the Order Processing page
  • Amazon now accepts all valid Marketplace ID values
  • Amazon order import now correctly charges sales tax and shipping
  • Amazon carrier code is now converted to the correct case since it is case sensitive on Amazon

Marketplaces v1.0004 Release Notes

Added Features/Changes

  • Miva Marketplaces module is eBay Certified
  • eBay Item Settings packaging weight now supports decimal values and values under 1 lb.
  • eBay can send variation pictures based on image types
  • eBay now provides the number of orders returned when using Get Orders
  • Marketplaces now available under eBay and Amazon under Utilities in the left navigation pane
  • Can now send shipping information to eBay manually from the Listings page
  • International handling costs can now be set for calculated international eBay shipping policies
  • Orders coming into Miva from other marketplaces create a payment method for the marketplaces (previously, no payment methods shown)
  • Images section on the eBay product Item Settings tab now show picture size to help differentiate between images

Support for Amazon Marketplace

  • Link Amazon Seller accounts
  • Link your Amazon products based on your account
  • View inventory and price of an item
  • Get orders from Amazon
  • Create shipments
  • Update inventory of a listing
  • Update price of a listing
  • Share inventory with Amazon

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Updating eBay item settings where item specifics were matching item setting values causing duplicate error
  • Fixed: ItemSettings Update provisioning does not require the detail tag
  • Fixed: Saving the shipping policies now shows the correct values saved
  • Fixed: Look Up not working when editing a product and marketplaces is installed
  • Fixed: JSON Decoding now works properly with non UTF-8 stores

Marketplaces v1.0003 Release Notes

New Features

  • Listing List now displays the product associated with the listing
  • When editing a product on the Marketplace - eBay Product Listings tab, only listings that match either the SKU or product code will be displayed. All other listings will appear on the Marketplace - eBay Listings tab under Utilities
  • Billing fields now populate with the shipping fields if the customer does not have a relationship with Miva
  • Miva Calculated Shipping policies no longer allow cost/each additional to be set
  • Miva Shipping Policies now have a Handling Cost associated with Calculated Shipping types only

Notifications are now enabled

  • Notification of an order coming in from eBay now imports the order based on the eBay settings
  • Notification when an order is placed updates the listings sold count
  • Notification when a bid is received now updates the listing
  • Notification when a user ID is changed now updates the accounts associated

"Good Until Cancelled" listings now share inventory with Miva

  • All inventory is sent to eBay upon listing creation (regardless of inventory allocation setting)
  • Inventory is not allocated upon listing creation (regardless of inventory allocation setting)
  • Listing must have a duration of "Good Until Cancelled"
  • Only applies to listings created after v1.0003 of Marketplaces (will not work on currently active GTC listings created in a previous Marketplaces module version)
  • Setting "Share Inventory With eBay on Good Until Cancelled Listings" must be checked on Marketplace - eBay Settings tab
  • Product inventory must be tracked

Bug Fixes

  • Changed the weight on Item Settings to Packaging Weight to not confuse customers
  • Store Categories can now all be saved on the Product Listing Settings tab
  • Fixed issue: using a calculated Miva shipping policy sometimes seen as a flat rate shipping method on eBay
  • BidReceived notification log now properly outputs the item ID
  • Upgrading Marketplaces module no longer requires the user to update each detail to create a listing
  • When verifying the inventory upon listing creation, it now checks against the available inventory and not the inventory in stock
  • If the dialog is not visible due to being scrolled down, Batch Lists scroll up to the dialog upon editing
  • Fixed fatal error when saving a detail before the policies are loaded
  • The listings duration now does not save the value with a comma
  • FixedPriceTransaction Notification no longer received which no longer gives warning
  • Fixed fatal error on table MP_eBaySiteCategories stating duplicate entry key
  • Fixed issue with Miva shipping policies international ship to locations not clearing the list upon site change
  • Shipping Policy international ship to locations are now sorted upon initial load
  • International shipping services now correctly disable flat or calculated shipping correctly depending on site selected

Marketplaces v1.0002 Release Notes

New Features

MIVA BUSINESS POLICIES (see eBay Marketplaces Getting Started Guide for implementation instructions)
* Miva business policies are payment, return and shipping configurations set on the detail level (this allows those who cannot set up eBay Policies to use this module)

GLOBAL PRODUCT HEADER/FOOTER (see eBay Marketplaces Getting Started Guide for implementation instructions)
* This allows a user to create global product header/footer templates for item setting descriptions


  • Weight can now be set on the Item Settings level without affecting the main product weight
  • Images are no longer required to save Item Settings (Images must be set to create a listing)
  • Default duration on Item Settings is now 7 Days (if applicable)
  • Fee total now displays for each listing on the listing list page
    - This allows the user to see the estimated fee and the actual fee (since ebay does not always give the same fee for verify/add listing)

Bug Fixes

  • 15363: Marketplace eBay Listings List should not format Current Bid to use $ symbol and use the listing currency code
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