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“I need

an ecommerce solution I can rely on.”

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“I need

an ecommerce platform that helps me show off and sell my products.”

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“I need

ecommerce software that integrates with my ERP and other back office systems.”

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“I need

ecommerce solutions that support both B2C and B2B online sales.”

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Case StudiesMiva Helps Stores Like
Yours Realize Their Potential

B2B WholesaleDecorative Films

Decorative Films saw an 84% average order volume increase with Miva.

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Brand ManufacturerNHS Fun Factory

NHS Fun Factory increased customer lifetime value and built the robust, interactive experience their brand deserved.

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B2B + B2CXtreme Diesel Performance

XDP saw their conversion rate increase by 24% in just one year.

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RetailEssential Depot

Essential Depot boosted online sales by 20% and gained 132 man-hours per month with their Miva site.

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Is Miva Right for Your Business?

Showcase, promote, and sell your products like no one else can. Engage your customers and educate your visitors with on-site product reviews. Miva supports the marketing tools and social integrations you need to stand out in the marketplace.

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  • Stunning Product

  • Subscriptions and
    Automated Reordering

  • Seamless Order

  • Promotion

Invite your customers, partners, and enthusiasts to connect with an ecommerce site you can trust to represent your brand online.

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  • Powerful Digital

  • Customer Community

  • Premium Shopping

  • Better Partner and
    Reseller Support

Deliver the streamlined purchasing experience your buyers expect with the service and precision that defines your business.

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  • Personalized
    Buying Experience

  • Inventory, Warehouse, and
    Fulfillment Integrations

  • Streamlined Sales and
    Purchasing Process

  • Faceted Search and
    Relevant Results

Miva Helps Businesses Realize Their Potential

Trust us. We've been doing this for 21 years.

Most Miva customers come to us with one thing in common–the need for an ecommerce solution that won't hold them back. Maybe they're tired of the hidden costs and security risks of their open source ecommerce platform. Maybe they're just looking for a platform that will accommodate their business' unique needs instead of slowing it down.

Whatever the need, Miva can help. We are problem-solvers, designers, developers, and ecommerce fanatics. We can't wait to join your team and discover your site's true potential.

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