The all-new Miva framework is a natural foundation for building flexible, creative, high-performance stores.

Introducing Elements, a fast and versatile CSS/JavaScript framework which empowers every business to create responsive, scalable web design. Feature-rich themes and superior asset management make producing enterprise-level sites intuitive and effective – and you can get started today.

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New Features At A Glance

  • Brand New Responsive CSS Architecture Based On Flexbox

  • Leverage new CSS & JavaScript Asset Manager

  • Plug & play functionality add-ons with extensions

  • Lightweight code, optimized for speed

  • Fully documented framework, ready to customize

  • Out of the box support for all of Miva's native features

Hit the ground running with beautiful standards-compliant layouts which save time and money

Elements is a versatile development framework which lays a solid foundation for you to build your responsive Miva store upon. It provides the perfect starting point to develop a full-featured enterprise ecommerce store in a fraction of the time of building from scratch.

Customizable building blocks for a superior shopping experience.

Grow your store with responsive CSS architecture built to scale

Elements was created expressly to support highly flexible and scalable ecommerce stores. The CSS utilizes Block, Element, or Modifier (BEM) structure and strict naming conventions to support enterprise-class development.

Leverage the latest CSS3 Features including Flexbox

A modern grid using CSS3 Flexbox means no more having to remember to clear your floats or use conditional classes – speeding up development and troubleshooting time cross-browser.

Stronger admin integration for CSS and JavaScript files, creating a more efficient workflow

Elements leverages the power of Miva's native CSS and JavaScript asset management tools to gather total file control into a simple admin interface. Features like in-admin editing, version control, and access to template variables give developers page-level control for every file.

Create a custom site experience and optimize UI for conversions with extensions

Every ReadyTheme will ship with its own unique extensions. Elements comes out of the box with:

  • Multi-Level Navigation
  • Product Carousel
  • Overflow Navigation
  • Overlay Menu
  • Hero Slider
  • Off-Canvas Mini-Basket
  • Ajax Add To Cart
  • Lots more to come!

Colossus ReadyTheme, built on the Elements Framework

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Download the new Miva Elements framework to create
more beautiful, more effective websites today.

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