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February 15th, 2013

BEE BALD® Has Been Nominated for Best New Website of 2012 at The Blades Ecommerce Awards and Annual Miva Merchant Conference

BEE BALD® has been named as one of the five finalists for The Blades category of Best New Website of 2012. has been named as one of five finalists in the running for The Blades title of Best New Website of 2012, for its professional appearance and ability to guide the customer easily through the entire shopping experience. The site not only reflects the Bee Bald® brand, it shows it off in a cutting edge way.

BEE BALD® is a superior skin care line for men without hair. The inspiration for the company came to Creator/Founder Dennis Fisher while out on a date with his wife. “Marcy and I were running late for a show,” recalled Dennis, “and as we bumped, jostled and excused ourselves in making way to our seats I began to apologize for being late and for the back of my head, quite bald and shiny, sweating so profusely. I was particularly concerned for the potentially disturbing impact the back of my head might have been having on the young theatergoers behind us. Jokingly I suggested to their parents that I would go home that night and create a special wipe for bald men who arrived late to shows so that this type of thing could never, ever happen again.”

While initially just an off the cuff remark that night, Dennis Fisher realized the absolute need for bald men, whether by choice or through no fault of their own, to have a singular, high quality solution for their skin care needs, both head and face. A sleepless night later the name, website, logo, and product line concepts were born; and, in just under a year, Marcy and Dennis have created, manufactured, inventoried and are now quickly selling out of their line of BEE BALD® MAN CARE PRODUCTS.

The Blades Award-nominated was built with input and creative design assistance from a variety of sources, including the founding couple, Dennis and Marcy. Ohio-based Dynamics Online created the original template, style and feel of the site; and, e-Business Express, a Miva Merchant Certified, and also Ohio-based, Developer, currently works with BEE BALD® on day-to-day modifications and site enhancements.

Dennis Fisher added, “Customers and non-customers alike love our website, tweets and Facebook posts because they not only promote to the world what’s hot and sexy about being bald, they poke fun as well. A quick search on Google of phrases like ‘products for bald men’, ‘bald skin care’ or even just ‘bald products’…whatever phrase suits your ‘follically challenged’ needs will show just how far we’ve come since launching our product line three months ago. We are at the top of the search results in almost every case, and as a result, the fun we’ve been having has done an excellent job of selling products too.”

The inaugural Blades Ecommerce Awards will be held in conjunction with MivaCon 2013, Miva Merchant’s 13th annual conference. The conference and awards dinner will take place in San Diego, CA, on March 6 – 8, 2013, at The Hyatt Regency, La Jolla.

BEE BALD® will be recognized at The Blades Awards, along with other Miva Merchant stores that have achieved excellence in e-commerce. The categories for nominations include Best Use of Social Media, Best New Feature, Best Design, Most Unique Marketing Promotion, and Best New Website of 2012.

“We have been astounded with the quality and quantity of entries to The Blades, Ecommerce awards. All of this year’s nominations have demonstrated something outstanding and extraordinary with their Miva Merchant stores,” said Rick Wilson, President and COO of Miva Merchant. “We want to celebrate the great achievements that have already taken place and showcase the stores that we know will continue to have great success in this coming year.”

PayPal and Miva Merchant will be sponsoring The Blades Awards event, which will take place on the evening of March 7th, 2013. Those interested in learning more about attending MivaCon 2013 and The Blades Awards, can do so by visiting the conference page on Miva Merchant’s website.

About Bee Bald:

BEE BALD® is superior skin care for men without hair. Men without hair have far greater needs for their skin. Using technologically advanced methods and ingredient blends only recently available to the skin care industry, BEE BALD® MAN CARE PRODUCTS represent the highest standard of skin care in a range of superior products designed for a unique and limited group of consumers…men without hair. With BEE BALD®, bald men everywhere can now put their best head forward. For more information about BEE BALD® please visit

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