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Miva Merchant Empresa

Installs on both Unix-based and Windows web servers, and enables them to run Miva Merchant and other MivaScript-based web applications.

FreeBSD: x86 | x64

FastCGI: CentOS

Linux: x86 | x64

Mac: Download

Windows (IIS 7): x64 | x32

Windows (IIS 6 & Older): x64 | x32

Diagnostic Tool: Download Diagnostic Tool

Miva Merchant Mia

Run and test your site or module on a local Windows machine mimicking a web server running Miva Merchant Empresa.

Download: x64 | x32 | License Agreement

Miva Merchant Script Compiler

Develop custom modules by compiling MivaSript files with the Script Compiler.

FreeBSD: x86 | x64

Linux: x86 | x64

Windows: x64 | x32

Mac: Download

Limited Source Kit

Distribute royalty-free modules based on selected Miva Merchant source code.

With the advent of the Miva MerchantScript Compiler, Miva Merchant is now shipped in a compiled format only. This greatly enhances the end-user experience for both merchants and shoppers using Miva Merchant and also enables the new features of the Miva Virtual Machine (MVM).

The Miva Merchant Limited Source Kit provides a collection of Miva Merchant modules in non-compiled format for developers to customize and compile for installation into Miva Merchant storefronts running the new 4.14 or later versions.

The kit ships with a limited license which enables developers to redistribute these customized modules(in compiled format only) to Miva Merchant 4.x licensees. The license also allows developers to distribute non-compiled versions of their custom-coded derivative modules to other Miva Merchant Limited Source Kit licensees.

Download LSK

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