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Miva helps elite brands like TP-Link achieve omnichannel market control.

What They Wanted

Global tech player TP-Link needed a sophisticated ecommerce solution to unify its incredibly diverse array of sales channels, with the ability to easily sell directly to every kind of customer, from B2B to B2R to B2C, everywhere in the world.

What We Built

Miva architected a powerful ecommerce solution for TP-Link caters to wholesalers, professional service providers, and retail consumers from a singular expression of the brand, no matter where the customer chooses to shop.

Why This Matters

Brands can now capitalize on manufacturing strength, gaining complete control over products in all marketplaces. By selling direct to retail, wholesale, and resale, TP-Link creates powerful global brand awareness.

Miva fuels premium ecommerce solutions for innovative enterprise brands.

TP-Link beautifully exemplifies the forward-thinking manufacturer-brand approach to ecommerce. Sell direct to all customers, all over the world.

All Miva customers benefit from the world-class solutions Miva architects for its clients. Meet your solution today.

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