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Why Miva Merchant?

Live Support Reps

At our office - who care about you - 24/7/365

Great support is the backbone of a great product. Selling online can be a daunting process and we're here to walk you through it step by step ensuring you're successful.

All of our support staff are locally based, in our offices and never outsourced. We take pride in helping you succeed.

100% CSS Based Templates

Full control if you need it, point and click if you don't

We give you dozens of free CSS Based HTML 5 templates to use for building your online store. You have 100% access to all of the HTML, CSS, JavaScript and anything else you need to customize the look and feel.

And if HTML and CSS seem like Ancient Greek to you, then we provide a full suite of point and click tools to make it easy for a non-technical person to customize their look and feel.

Seamless Updates & Upgrades

We guarantee you'll never get stuck on old technology

Online stores are like snowflakes, no two are the exact same. Other platforms fail miserably when it comes time to customize your store.

Either you end up customizing the source code of an Open Source product and are stuck on the release that you customize (which is usually out of date before you launch). Making it virtually impossible to stay secure and competitive in the market.

Otherwise you end up using one of the entry level one size fits all SaaS solutions that don't let you customize your store in the first place.

Miva Merchant gives you the best of both worlds, virtually unlimited customizations traditionally only found in an Open Source product with the guaranteed hassle free updates and upgrades found in SaaS solutions.

Security Is The Unsung Hero Of Ecommerce

Online Merchants have a million things to worry about and Security shouldn't be one of them.

Miva Merchant is PA-DSS Validated by the PCI Security Council. We go through a rigorous ongoing auditing program with our PCI Security Council - Qualified Security Assessor to ensure your online store is secure today, tomorrow and ongoing into the future.

Don't Outgrow Your Online Store

Easy to start - Room to grow

Miva Merchant's pricing model combined with our unique technology makes it an ideal solution for the online merchant who's just starting out as well as the online merchant who's already successful.

Roughly 20% of our online merchants are processing more than $1 million annually in online sales (which puts Miva Merchant in a league of our own) yet we're able to be cost effective for the 25% of our merchants who process under $100k annually.

We Handle All The Important Integrations For You

A large part of making an online store cost effective to operate is not worrying about all of the integrations necessary to make your store operate properly.

Payment Processing, Shipping Calculations and Labels, Tax Calculations, Accounting Integrations, Connections to Fulfillment Centers and more are vital integrations to making your online store succeed.

Miva Merchant takes the hassle out of those integrations by doing that work for you both initially and keeping them up to date.

Complex Payments, Shipping or Inventory? - No Problem!

What separates Miva Merchant from the pack is we give you the ability to handle complex payment, shipping and inventory requirements as well.

Do your products come in a wide variety of options, sizes, colors, etc... and you need to be able to track inventory down to the assembly part?

Miva Merchant has you covered with no artificial limitations on inventory levels or shipping and payment configurations.

Order Status/History Makes Customer Service A Breeze

Miva Merchant provides robust Customer Account management tools that allow your customers to automatically receive emails throughout the order process and login and check their online order status directly.

This results in less customer service phone calls to you and happier customers.

Pick/Pack/Ship Made Easy

Miva Merchant provides intelligent box packaging rules to help you calculate shipping more accurately and predict how you're going to pack them when it's time to ship.

In addition Miva Merchant's built in Thermal Label support for UPS, FedEx and Endicia make Picking, Packing and Shipping a breeze.

Keep An Eye On Your Business With Customizable Reporting

Miva Merchant is more than just a shopping cart or ecommerce content management system.

The built in Reporting system makes building customizable Reports for your business a piece of cake.

You can look up Best Sellers, Category Killers, Sales By Region and much much more, your business is unique and your Reporting needs to be as unique as your business. With Miva Merchant Reporting we make that need a reality.

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