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RE: [m5u] Happy Cinco de MIVA!!!!!

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    RE: [m5u] Happy Cinco de MIVA!!!!!

    Me and myself are going out for chilli con carne and sacke to celebrate it
    .. this could be the hottest way to honor Merchant5 :))


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    Subject: [mrc] RE: [m5u] Happy Cinco de MIVA!!!!!

    My family and I are going out for Mexican - and Maragaritas tonight to honor
    Merchant 5!

    Bill Gilligan
    Gilligan On-Line

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    > Subject: [m5u] Happy Cinco de MIVA!!!!!
    > Here's wishing you all a Happy Cinco de MIVA!!!!!
    > I hope you all enjoy your Cinco de MIVA celebrations ... you ARE
    > celebrating aren't you?
    > This is an official corporate holiday for us in honor of MIVA 5
    > which we believe is the most significant retail eCommerce
    > software release in history, with the possible exception of MIVA
    > Merchant 1.x depending on your POV.
    > We will be celebrating all day in various ways here and I wanted
    > to officially toast all the people who created, sell, support,
    > develop third party applications for, recommend, host, deploy for
    > clients, use as a merchant, or in any other way are involved with
    > MIVA technologies.
    > Cheers to you all!!!
    > >>>>>> insert sounds of gulping down Corona here <<<<<
    > Now go celebrate!!!!
    > - Jeff Huber
    > President, 4TheBest eCommerce Solutions
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