Has anybody installed and used paypal in their MM5 real or test store.
I was not going to update the 4.x module because I thought Miva had
solved the issue of the customer not clicking the Continue button. The
name of their module (instant payment notification [IPN]) would make you
think they are using the background IPN to update/fulfill the order so
the customer would not need to click Continue.

I just ran a test order in my test store and the order did not complete,
the basket did not empty, and the emails were not sent until I clicked
the Continue button a few minutes after I had already paid. Has this
not been fixed in MM5 or is there some other setting I need to make in
order for the IPN to post the order instead of waiting for the customer
to click Continue? The correct notify_url was passed to paypal.com as a
hidden input for the IPN so that is not the issue.

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