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M5 product imports very slow?

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  • M5 product imports very slow?

    What kind of import speeds are people seeing on raw
    imports into MM5, not upgrades from MM4 using the xml
    file? We're seeing very slow speeds on MM5/mysql, but
    more importantly, customers causing multiple imports
    to be started concurrently so you've got two or three
    mivavm's doing the same import at the same time,
    effectively killing the store and admin while mysql
    spends most of its time with multiple databases locked
    forcing regular shoppers and admin users to be stuck
    waiting for their queries to execute.

    This had been a problem for OpenXB users; I was hoping
    Merchant 5 would have had some logic that would only
    allow one import to be running, etc.


  • Base href problems

    There still seems to be a very severe problem with the Base Href. When
    somebody logs in or creates an account they are forwarded to the https SFNT
    screen. This is normal of course as it has aways done this. However, now
    when it does it the Base Href is the non-secure URL and not the secure. This
    guarantees mixed content messages.

    The Beta List is closed and that is a real bummer. They shouldn't have
    closed it at least until all the major bugs were fixed. This being one of

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