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Miva Modules for Synchro users

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    Miva Modules for Synchro users

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    I guess that if Miva Corporation does not start encoureging developers to start making modules for Synchro users we will start seeing Synchro users like Norman to start reselling their synchro module.

    We need several modules but non of them follow thru into QB. For example, the CustCredit is a good module for issuing store credits (in Miva) BUT when customer uses it during checkout, when the order is downloaded into QB, that same credit is not registered as part of a Credit Memo and messes up the customers balance in QB. We have several other examples of modules that do not follow thru and we would like for Miva Corporation to encourage developers to start making modules for Miva Synchro users.

    Elaine M. Montgomery

    Norman Bunn <[email protected]> wrote:
    Just thought I'd let you know that I tried uploading my new products
    from Quickbooks to Miva, and it didn't work again. I had roughly 675
    new products, ran Synchro and it loaded in most of them. But, when I
    ran it again later, it added a few more products to Miva. It kind of
    makes me wonder why they weren't all loaded in the first pass. To make
    matters worse, none of my descriptions loaded properly. It seems once
    you upload products in Miva the first time, subsequent uploads don't
    update all fields. I have tried and tried to get the descriptions in
    there through Synchro, but it's not working.

    I would like to sell my Synchro software and license since it is not
    meeting my needs. Anyone interested in this at 1/2 what it cost me?




    Norman W. Bunn
    [email protected]
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    Web Site Hosting & Custom Solutions
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    Norman Bunn wrote:

    > I have been having a major problem with Miva Synchro not
    > adding/updating inventory items from Quickbooks 2003 Pro. As an
    > example, n my website, I had item 2-1, and inventory tracking was
    > turned on both globally and for that particular item. When I first
    > ran Synchro, it did not update the quantity from 0 to 1. I re-ran
    > many times, and it never updated. I then deleted the item 2-1 from my
    > Miva store, hoping it would then add 2-1 and update to the proper
    > quantity during the next synchronization, but it did not. This is
    > becoming EXTREMELY frustrating. Please advise what else I should try.
    > Thanks,
    > Greg Talbot
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