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Line breaks disappearing when rendering a template as plain text

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    Line breaks disappearing when rendering a template as plain text

    Hi folks,

    I'm writing a module that sends emails when certain events happen, and I'm setting up a template so that the client can edit the email himself. The template is being rendered by a call to TemplateManager_Render_Page enclosed by an MvCAPTURE, in the usual way. In this case, I'm trying to generate a plain-text email, and most of my line breaks are getting thrown away. The text should be spread out in multiple paragraphs with blank lines in between. But the emails are showing up in my In box with many of the paragraphs mushed together. Not all of them, but I can't figure out the pattern of why some line breaks are lost while others are prerved. Any ideas on what's causing this? I tried adding a Content-Type: text/plain header, but that didn't seem to help.

    Thanks --
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    In your template try adding this to the top of the page.

    <mvt:miva output="on" compresswhitespace="off" />

    mvt:miva This was added a few versions ago.
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