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Is anyone using gzip and brotli compression for site speed optimization?

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    Is anyone using gzip and brotli compression for site speed optimization?

    Okay so this is geeky home-brew musings...

    I noticed that our server hosted at Miva now supports Brotli compression. I've read it is lossless and results in about a 15-27% smaller file size than gzip does. And Browsers which support Brotli send ‘br’ along with ‘gzip’ in accept-encoding request header. I know not every browser supports it yet but I think about 95% of them do. I read it also requires https which is no problem nowadays with google preference for secure sites. It is probably possible to use the accept-encoding request header to fall back to gzip if brotli isn't supported by the browser. I don't know if the apache brotli module can compress on the fly like gzip can.

    I was wondering if anyone has implemented it yet in the site speed optimization efforts.

    And if you did, did you do it in htaccess? or in the httpd.conf.
    And does it do streaming compression like gzip?

    update: php on our server will read brotli compressed files, but apache doesn't actually have mod_brotli installed... that's probably not a big obstacle though. Still musing about this.
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    We haven't deployed the Brotli module for nginx to our servers at this point, so we do not currently have a path to enabling that type of compression.
    David Hubbard
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      It hasn't been very long since kayakbabe brought this up, but just wondering, ILoveHostasaurus do you know if there's a plan/ETA to eventually support Brotli?
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