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Can the JSON API be used to update an order's status?

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    Can the JSON API be used to update an order's status?

    I have a prospective client whose orders are fulfilled by a 3rd-party service. That service has recently added a "reverse API," so that their server can notify the store about changes to order status, such as switching it to "Processing" or "Shipped." I've just been looking at the docs on the JSON API, and it seems like this can't be done. It takes two separate requests, and the only allowed status change is to mark an order is Shipped.

    Is the documentation missing something? I expected to find a more general-purpose request format that could be used to make other kinds of status changes.

    I see that there's a way for modules to be called from the API. So I guess I can use that, and have my module figure out which DB fields to update. -- unless there's a quicker way to do this?

    Thanks --
    Kent Multer
    Magic Metal Productions
    * Web developer/designer
    * E-commerce and Miva
    * Author, The Official Miva Web Scripting Book -- available on-line:

    Kent, If you will email me (or message me) I can provide you some code. Our previous product - Orange Manager - had the ability to update certain aspects of the store using the json api Miva offers. I do not have access to the code at the moment as I am out of town and it is archived. However, I can get it to you late Wednesday or Thursday. I don't recall specifically what we did - and maybe it was just those two options... but it was built to the json specs and with some feedback from Miva. For you - in essence that 3rd party is sending a webhook (to your script or module) which would in turn trigger the code to update the status.
    William Gilligan - Orange Marmalade, Inc.