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How do custom error messages work?

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    How do custom error messages work?

    One of my clients is using the Braintree payment module. They recently asked about getting the module to produce more specific error messages such as Declined or Expired, instead of a generic "Authorization failed" -type message. They were told by Support that this feature is available in newer stores, but they are still using an MMUI-based design for their stores. They do plan to upgrade to CSSUI after the holidays. But it occurred to me that there might be a work-around that I can set up for them in the meantime.

    They are using the latest version of the Braintree module, of course. So my question is: does that module provide error codes in a global variable, or in some other location that can be retrieved by some custom code? If so, I can set up their store to provide more specific error messages, without upgrading the entire store to CSSUI.

    If CSSUI stores allow users to write their own error messages, there must be some way that the payment module's error codes are passed to the store, so it can select the proper message. How, exactly is that done? If someone can give me the name of a global variable, database column, etc., I should be able to use that to provide a solution for these clients.

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