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Writing to a custom field

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    Writing to a custom field

    I'm trying to write to some custom fields on the customer. I have confirmed that the values and customer email is coming in correctly, but it's not working. Am I misunderstanding something about how this function is supposed to work?

    <mvt:item name="customfields" param="Write_Customer_Login( g.customer:login, 'customer:business_website', g.business_website; )" />
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    You don't mention where you are using this function. That is important.

    You have a semi-colon after the variable value containing the source. (business_website)

    Also, that custom field name looks suspicious. Even if correct I'd recommend against using a semi-colon in custom field code.

    try this as well

    <!-- debug: Login=&mvt:global:customer:login; | website= &mvt:global:business_website -->
    <mvt:item name="customfields" param="Write_Customer_Login( g.customer:login, 'customer:business_website', g.business_website )" />
    And then view the source output to ensure you are getting what you need.
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      Yes, it was the semi-colon! Thank you so much!