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Need to trigger and send an email

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  • Bruce - PhosphorMedia
    I think you'd need to have a jquery/javascript function on that page, the captures the document.print content (that would have to be stuffed into a div so you can collect it) and then post that info (i.e., to another page where mvsmtp could capture it as a CGI variable and then email it.

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  • ids
    started a topic Need to trigger and send an email

    Need to trigger and send an email

    (I am having trouble pasting in some code -- a 403 error?) A page has a form where the contents can be printed with a JS function, javascript:window.print(). The client has requested the contents to be emailed to a specific department in the company. I am looking for suggestions for how I can accomplish this. The Sendmail function doesn't need to be Miva-based even though I prefer it.

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