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BASK updates without needing to update the form

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    BASK updates without needing to update the form

    I have a project wherein a basket the customer will see their bank of stored items/tokens they can choose to use in an order they are placing. BASK is the best place because they see the whole picture. There will either be a popup form or a dropdown with the exact possible selections to choose from.

    I think I'll end up using the BasketInfo functions in a system module to keep track of the data selected so I can update the order and the emails when needed.

    For the BASK page, I'm looking for a suggestion to allow the item/tokens to be changed without needing to click the UPDATE button. I think this is Ajax, but not quite how to do that on the basket page.
    Also, there may be multiple types of tokens per line item the customer can choose from. If three tokens, 3 different rows of dropdowns. Also, the UX will be cleaner to use a popup per product line item so the basket table displays the results. The latter will likely be used which means the popup/modal triggers the Ajax.

    NOTES: store is CSSUI but doesn't use a Readytheme right now. But, maybe I could take advantage of the new basket update API functions at the module level or in SMT?



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