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Order of Shipping Options in Checkout

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    Order of Shipping Options in Checkout

    We are trying to change the order of shipping options on checkout. Our site is built off of the suivant ready-theme. Nothing I do seems to change the shipping order. I adjusted the "priority list" but it still loads just as before. I don't even understand the order it is in since it isn't alphabetical. We are using the basic flat rate shipping. Any ideas?

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    Re: Order of Shipping Options in Checkout

    Hi Kevin,

    By default, in the case of using the "Flat Rate Shipping" module, shipping methods are output in an alphabetical order of their methods. To adjust the order of the shipping methods displayed on the OSEL page, changing the priority level is all that is needed, unless you have a third-party module installed which takes over the output of the shipping methods.

    In the Suivant demo site [], we are using the "Flat Rate Shipping" module and have set three methods of "2-Day Shipping", "Ground Shipping", and "Overnight Shipping". If no priorities are set, they will display in that order. To achieve the preferred order of least expensive to most, as seen on the site, they were set with the following priority levels:
    • Ground Shipping: 3
    • 2-Day Shipping: 2
    • Overnight Shipping: 1

    Hope this helps.
    Matt Zimmermann
    Front-End Development Director / Miva, Inc.