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unpacking and repackaging a readytheme

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    unpacking and repackaging a readytheme

    I tried to find info in the forum... so if I missed it please point me at the forum topic.

    I remembered a discussion from a couple years ago that I could change the extension on a readytheme to zip and unzip it. then I could edit the files.
    I am now trying it out. My source for the readytheme .pkg was the server's frameworks folder on the brand new miva store install.
    I thought I could just zip it back up and change .zip to .pkg and be able to upload it.
    However I am getting a missing file error message an my brand new 9.006 store doesn't like the theme.

    To try out what I want to do (modify a readytheme so I don't have to do it via teh store admin on every single page template)
    I made some simple css classes changes, nothing complicated. I did things like change bg-yellow to bg-red in the code.

    Now how do I get it back into the store?

    The file is actually a tar file and you can un-tar it without changing the extension.

    Here are the command line commands we use to un-tar the file:

    tar -xf myframework.pkg

    then to re-package it you would do:

    tar -cf myframework.pkg * -j

    This should take all the files in the folder your currently in and repackage them into a pkg file.
    Brennan Heyde
    VP Product
    Miva, Inc.
    [email protected]


      Knowing it was a tarball with bzip2 was the ticket! Thanks!

      It is working like a charm!