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  • Globe Icon Missing

    I am using the Booc theme. On the Customer Address Book (CABK) page, the page is referencing "icon-icon_globe-2" icon, but it does not show (screenshot attached). I checked the demo store for the theme ( and it has the same issue.

    Any thoughts?

    PS - Is there a woff font viewer that I could use to see what fonts are included in the font file?

  • on a similar front...can someone (even in private) explain why ReadyThemes use their "own" font sets instead of sourcing industry standard sets? the later makes it much easier to include additional font resources, and in many cases wouldn't require downloading them as they already exist on the customers machine.
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    • [Problem Solved]:

      For anyone else with this issue, I had to go in to the "themes/booc/css/base/icons.css" file and change the following line:

      src: url('../../icons/ElegantIcons.woff') format('woff');

      src: url('../icons/ElegantIcons.woff') format('woff');
      Also, I found the following Fond program that can read (and add/change if you wish) the font files that come with the readythemes:

      Hope this is helpful.



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