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First Impressions from Working with the Divino Theme

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  • First Impressions from Working with the Divino Theme

    1) My template code history should have been deleted when the Divino theme was installed. I would like to delete it now, but I don't know if there is an option.

    2) The theme feels very fragile. Many settings are ignored by the page templates, and when some settings are adjusted, it creates template code based off of five year old code.

    3) Bugs should be listed in the release notes now.

    4) When the next version of the theme is released, it will be important to list all changes, so I can manually adjust the code.

    5) The Ready Theme Divino pdf should show which template code is hard coded where settings will be ignored.

    6) It appears that the Divino theme needs a major new release soon.

    7) Some bugs from Levels were not corrected before Divino was released.
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  • I can only help with #1. You have our Template GPS module in your store (from when I was helping you with another coding problem). Template GPS has a feature to remove ALL un-commented template versions. If a version was given a comment, either by yourself or as part of an automatic update, it will remain, but all others will be deleted.
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    • Thanks Bruce. I'll be careful how I use that, but it will help.
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