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  • Originally posted by Matt Zimmermann View Post
    aarcmedia Take a look at my post under Shadows for a starting point:
    I saw that post but the only thing that exploded was my brain. I reached out to the Miva Design Team but they are so backed up that it will be another week before they can even look at my request.
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    • Matt, I've seen that. For this project and the other I'm working on, this feature on CTGY get's chalked up as a "they aren't paying for me to go that far, so since it will require too much manual labor, it will have to wait" haha.

      Once I have time to sit down and whip something up I will, or, I'll wait for you all to build it into the readytheme if you get to it before I am forced to sit down and figure out.

      Not laziness I say. It's a matter of "eye on the prize" haha.
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